The fragrance you wear can say a lot about who you are so it is important to get it right. FM World have more than 200 different perfumes and fragrances on offer making sure there is one for everyone. A few words about our perfumes.

First of all, our perfumes are NOT imitations. The only reason one might think it might be “imitation” is because our scents are inspired by the top fragrances in the world. FM WORLD produces and distributes genuine perfumes, all essential oils come from the DROM Fragrances factory in Germany. All our perfumes are certified and tested, made in the European Union and NOT in any other country. Our perfumes are PARFUM, they have higher content of essential oils (20% up to 30% and they indicate it on the packaging) compared to the trade perfumes, that have a much lower essential oil content, and do not mention the percentage in their packaging.

FM World has a range of FM Cosmetics Make-Up (including foundations and mineral powders for light and dark skin), our FM Cosmetics has its own catalog. Cosmetics of the B-GLUCAN ACTIVE collection were developed on an innovative natural active ingredient: beta-glucan derived from oat grains.

With a great excitement and pleasure we would like to invite you to browse our brand new Product Catalogue! It contains detailed descriptions of all the products within all ranges available. The catalogue will lead you from the latest Luxurious Utique Collection, Federico Mahora Perfumes, Skin Care, Fontainavie, Gold Regenesis, and Makeup products

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